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Tomar Custom Homes was founded in 1987 by Thomas and Maria Clifford. They always knew they wanted to build dream homes in the Ottawa area. The business was started and the values were simple high quality, good customer service, and innovative concepts. As the years went on, Tomar Custom Homes has built a solid reputation built upon these values. Not only are Tomar Custom Homes some of the most beautiful homes in Ottawa, but have received recognition in the real estate market making a Tomar Custom Homes home a secure investment. It was not long until the Ottawa Home Builders Association noticed this up and coming custom home builder. They were nominated and had sucessfully won mulitple awards based on their designs and quality. 


At Tomar Custom Homes our primary objective is to build innovative, unique, and most importantly high quality custom designed homes tailored to exceed our customers satisfaction in all aspects of the home buying experience . We are an Ottawa based award winning custom home builder known for our first rate design and dedication to excellence. Our hands on managment, unrivalled quality assurance, and workmanship of our trades have become the cornerstone of our homes and company.


Tomar Custom Homes provides the full custom home building experience, we offer more then a standard fixed set of plans, we work with our clients to build the home of their dreams.

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